Meet Our Crew

Our Award Winning Team comprises of Professionals, Passionate & Creative Film/makers, Photographers, Editors, Brand Managers, Cinematographers, Make-up Artist and talents specialized in Filming, Photography, Acting, Modeling and Crew roles.

Ibrahim Thompson

C.E.O, Producer & Cinematographer

He is an award winning director of photography and film director who has been in…
Fabian Hooks

Director of Photography

Fabian Hooks is known primarily as a Director of Photography who has worked in a…
Blessing Jackson

Brand Manager, Writer & Actress

She is a passionate writer, former TV show hostess and M.Sc holder in innovation management…
Dele Nonye-John

C.F.O & Project Manager

He is a phenomenal producer and actor who has produced a number of independent projects.
Chris Walls


He is a professional and strategic manager with years of extensive experience in the industry.
Chinwe Jessica


She is a prolific photographer with years of extensive experience and recognition in the industry.
Kayode Afolabi


He is an expert video editor whose work is constantly inspired by a creative mindset…
Diana Smith


She is a big-time, professional trainer who has amassed a number of accolades and awards…